Financial guidance that's designed forReal life

Make planning for the future as effortless as possible.

We help employees live well today while preparing for retirement.

By offering ProManage solutions, employers can give their team the key to unlock financial freedom.
Simple steps
to implement sophisticated strategies
to meet employees where they are
Holistic view
considers the full financial picture
Experienced team
behind every ProManage solution
Our Why
Because financial freedom should belong to everyone
Employees may be experts at their jobs, but too often the world asks them to be financial experts, too. ProManage is built on the idea that smart strategies can help make financial wellness more reachable.
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Our Solutions

Flexible strategies for today, tomorrow, and beyond

From making a plan to seeing it through, our solutions can support you every step of the way.
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Our Solutions
Everyday financial wellness app

Inspire employees on their path to financial wellness with this all-in-one app. BeFine offers a holistic view of their finances, smart tips, and friendly guidance that can help them make real progress.

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The ProManage PROgram™
Reasonably priced for employee retirement accounts

Make saving for retirement as effortless as possible with our managed account solution. Virtually hands-off for employees, our managed accounts flex to their changing financial situations.

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Retirement modeling tools for employees

Give employees the tools to see how choices they make now could affect their plans for the future. From modeling savings rates to mapping out spending during retirement, Vision can help them prepare for their financial future.

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In-depth plan analysis for employers

Understand what’s working—and what isn’t—in your retirement benefit plans. Insight lets employers see how their retirement plans are being used and can help them spot areas to improve their retirement benefit package.

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Ask us

Have questions? We have answers.

What experience does ProManage have?
ProManage, LLC is an investment management firm that has been in business since 1998 (first as Strategic Financial Concepts, then ProManage, Inc. and ProManage, LLC) and is headquartered in Chicago. ProManage is independent – it does not sell investment products and therefore can provide unbiased investment diversification services. Its associates have, on average, approximately 20 years of experience in the investment, legal and employee benefits design areas. ProManage is a federally registered investment adviser.
What is a Plan Health Check?
The plan health check uses Monte Carlo simulation to estimate potential outcomes, should you implement ProManage’s suggestions. We use Monte Carlo instead of average outcomes because roughly half the outcomes will be worse than average, so Monte Carlo offers a more realistic picture.
If we hire ProManage, what are our responsibilities as Plan Sponsor?
ProManage takes on co-fiduciary status, so your responsibility is to exercise prudent care in assessing our services when hiring us, and ongoing to monitor that we are providing our services in accordance with our stated methodologies. Investment performance is not the standard! Doing what we say we will do, is.
How do you charge for your services?
Fees are dependent on the design of our services for your participants. They can be covered by the plan sponsor, by participants, or a combination of those approaches. More information about our fees and services is available in our disclosure brochure, the ADV2A, available at the IAPD website.
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