Help them visualize the Road Ahead

Vision can consider a participant’s broader financial picture, offering informed savings and investment recommendations. In Vision, they can test varying savings rates, retirement dates, and more to see how their choices could change their retirement paycheck. Near the end of their working years, Vision is there to help with mapping out their spending and making their nest egg last.
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How It Works

Beyond offering suggestions, Vision gives participants the ability to adjust their “retirement levers,” or cornerstones of retirement planning.
Current Savings Rate
There are many rules of thumb when it comes to savings rate but the monthly savings budget is only one piece of retirement planning. Participants can use Vision’s modeling tools to see how today’s savings rate can affect their plans for tomorrow.
Investment Risk
Investing, even for retirement, involves risk. Vision allows your employees to see how adjusting their portfolio’s emphasis on stocks can shift their exposure to the ups and downs of the market.
Retirement Date
The length of a participant’s career and their age at retirement affect not only the amount they’ve saved, but their social security benefits and years of retirement they need to plan for.
Retirement Income
This is the heart of retirement planning. Vision considers participants’ estimated social security benefits, savings, and even pensions to help them make plans that stay true to their priorities.
Retirement Spending Tools
As they approach retirement, it will soon be time to turn savings into monthly income. Vision can support participants as they plan how to withdraw their savings.

Why choose Vision?

Whether your employees are looking for simple suggestions or a deeper understanding of their plan, they’ll find it through Vision.
Answer the what-ifs
Intuitive modeling tools help employees envision their future and make choices to help them get there.
Progress checks
Plan health reports allow plan sponsors to track how their retirement benefits package affects employee preparedness over time.
See the next steps
When they near retirement, Vision helps them estimate how much to withdraw from each account and when, to build on the work they’ve already done.
Implement changes easily
Vision connects directly to PROgram managed accounts so employees can make changes to their allocation and savings rate based on Vision’s suggestions.
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Take it all into account
Participants can even input information from external retirement accounts, so the suggestions in Vision can be more accurate.
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What Drives Us
“There’s power in being able to test your plan. The understanding they get from that—it makes a real difference.”
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Ask us

Have questions? We have answers.

Does the participant need to use the modeling tools to see Vision’s suggestions?
No, we provide immediate suggestions to every participant that is enrolled, regardless of whether they have conducted any modelling or entered additional data.
Does Vision apply to participants who aren’t using the PROgram?
If Vision is included in a plan, participants can access it for guidance and advice whether or not they are enrolled in the PROgram. It's important to note that if a participant implements Vision’s suggested savings and investment strategy, they will automatically be enrolled in PROgram.
How can they access Vision?
Vision is typically accessed from your intranet platform, via single sign-on from the plan record keeper’s participant website, or through direct connection to Vision’s website.
What if participants have outside retirement accounts?
Outside retirement accounts are always welcomed and help Vision provide a better picture of the future. Users enter this information into Vision manually.
Can younger employees use Vision?
Yes! For younger employees, Vision is all about planning. Employees can track their savings, better plan, and eventually prepare for retirement.
Can a spouse include their info in Vision?
Definitely. The employee can manually input their spouses/partner’s information so, together, they can better track and plan for the future.
How do I know this would work for my team?
We don’t expect you to have all the answers. That’s why we perform a plan health check so your organization can see potential recommendations or outcomes that ProManage can provide. If you’d like to learn more, contact us.
How customized is Vision?
Vision is customized to incorporate your organization’s retirement plan provisions in its modeling. Its calculations also reflect the amount of information users add. The more information that is provided, the better Vision can reflect the user’s circumstances.
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We think our solutions can make a difference in the lives of real people, and we’d love to help you make that happen for your employees. Reach out; we’re always up for a good conversation.
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